The valley

Our land of thirty acres comprises of eight acres 'up the top' where the buildings, gardens and orchards live and twenty two acres down in 'the valley'. The valley is well worth a visit with lots of mature kanuka, manuka and totara along with various fire wood copses planted with eucalypes. We have also planted out the far bank with a variety of deciduous specimen trees mostly chosen for their glorious autumn colours. You'll likely meet our two horses down the valley, they are very friendly but if they come up to you and you are not used to horses they can be a bit intimidating as they are big. if you would like to visit the valley without a horse encounter let us know and we will put them in the yards with a nice bucket of feed.

We have also done extensive planting of flax in the wetland area, we see this as the kidneys of the propery filtering the water as it passes through. Our longterm vision is to create an arboretum to fill the whole property with a variety of trees - enough biodiversity to cope with whatever climate change throws at us. If you would like to help this project along you can donate a tree, or some $$$ towards a tree or two. If you are really keen we can show you where to plant them!

Bring some sturdy footwear or your gumboots to really enjoy a stroll around our place.